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Would you like to offer your customers a website that works well on desktop, tablet and mobile?

What if each month you could get & sell a different company template with high quality graphics?

How many companies in your city or town have outdated websites or none at all? Would they be interested in a brand new website that works well on mobile phones, tablets and any desktops?
You can explain that millions of users mostly use their mobile and how old websites look in them.

Almost anyone can alter them with a notepad and upload, but we will be here to help you.

I will share some of my ideas to help you get more customers, I know what users and companies
are looking for, I have millions of visitors to test usability and my templates reflect that knowledge.

This mobile, tablet and desktop theme, with local developer rights, does almost all the work, and
if you find the right customers you can insert their info and resell for $300, $500, $1000 or more.

I take good care of my customers, you will receive suggestions, assets & deals on other products.

A developer's license is included with every template but you only have permission to sell them
directly to local companies. Do not resell these templates online or DMCA notices will be sent...

I'm always willing to analyze good partnership opportunities, please contact me at my personal website: NunoAlex.com